social baner

Social Media allows your business to communicate directly with customers, help them learn more about your business, offer customer service and tell visual stories.

Most Moms and 81% of Americans use Facebook.  

If you look at any line in the post office and see what people are doing on their phones, they're frequently on a social media site.

Measuring your Results. Another wonderful tool that Facebook provides for free is called Insights. It is a reporting tool that makes it easy for you to measures results from your business page. You can track key metrics: Likes, Follows, Comments, Shares. This allows you to keep adapting your strategy as you learn what works best in reaching a growing audience.

Boosted Posts & ADS: Facebook reports provide even more detail on any of your paid Boosts & Ads. These details include the total number of people engaged. ADS also include demographic details so you can learn not only the number of people reached but also gender, age group & location.