Social Media Solutions for Small Business

You are a small business owner & know the business basics well. You have great products & outstanding services.

So how do you promote your business without it costing a fortune, taking a big chunk of your time and getting good results?

Have you tried Social Media? Or, have tried it but don’t really get the results you want?

The solution? A Social Media

Social Media Manager

Outsourcing your media promotions is the solution.

One size does not fit all, so we offer flexible plans that will fit your needs. As an example, we can set you up on Facebook, develop a promotional plan & then turn it over to you to manage. Or maybe a better solution would be to develop a program where it is completely managed, saving you valuable time & expense.

A Good Fit

How do you go about finding a Social Media Manager that is a good fit for your business? Experience & a proven track record is a must. More importantly you want someone that “Gets It” … understands the value of being a small local business & has walked in your shoes.

Great Expectations

You can expect to build a great working relationship with a local independent business. We will work side by side with you to develop a plan & strategy that will fit your needs. The plan will focus on what makes your business outstanding & to develop a creative, impressive promotion program.

Quality Content

How many posts catch your eye? Posts that get more viewers have quality content along with vivid images. Quality content should speak to the value of your products & services. Content needs to be short, clever & clear.

Your posts need to be regular & consistent. This can be accomplished through the use of an automated calendar for regular & consistent posts. This will help you grow a larger following of loyal viewers.

Engage Viewers

Wouldn’t you love to win a free facial or massage… a free lunch…. a valuable gift certificate? Contests can be easily developed & managed with the help of a Social Media Manager. Contests are a means of actively increasing engagement as well as growing your viewership.

We All Succeed

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Small Business – Tips to Grow your Facebook page

hatsIf you are a small business owner you may find yourself wearing many hats. Variety may be the spice of life however with daily tasks taking up the majority of time, social media may end up at the bottom of things to do. Let us share some helpful tips that may help your business with a social media plan that drives engagement without adding another hat to your load!

1) Learn the differences:  One size does not fit all.   There are many social platforms to pick from so be selective.  Learn the differences & benefits & find a good fit. It’s better to focus on platforms where your target audience is, and put your effort into networks that better serve you & your readers.

2.) Embrace scheduling:  Your time is important.  Create a plan & outline ideas that are timely with the seasons, holidays, special events, & feature your best.  There are free scheduling tools available like Facebook, Buffer & Hootsuite that allow your business to schedule content in advance.  These tools will publish your social media pages so you can focus on running your business.

3.) Have a strategy:  What makes your business better than rest?  Step into the shoes of your readers, what would get their attention & get them interested in your page?  Outstanding products?  Exceptional service?  After you have a list build your strategy with all that in mind.   Other strategies to consider – Reward your loyal viewers by offering your fans DEALS that are unique to social media only.  Consider Contests to engage and expand your audience.

4.) Action Words:  If you want help spreading the word about a new product, deal or update then ask your readers to take action.  For Facebook, use words like “share,” “comment,” and “like” in your posts. For Twitter, use phrases like “please retweet,” “please help,” “spread,” and “visit.”   Do be tasteful & personable.  Don’t be spammy & avoid going over-board with these requests.

5.) Where the Rubber meets the Road:  Motivate your readers to visit, shop, experience your business!  Encourage readers to take the next step – “Visit us this week” …  let us know you saw us on Facebook and you will receive a special discount –  or sample – or giveaway.  Snap a picture & post it to say we appreciate your business!

When social media is done right, it can be an important and rewarding investment for the growth of your business.

Let us know in the comments what social media tactics are working for your business, we’d love to hear!

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Authored by:  Susan Pozorski-Womack, WebForU2, LLC   

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Video – The Fastest Growing Marketing Tool

Video to grow your business

Video is the hottest marketing trends and a powerful tool being used to grow businesses.

If you’re a small business owner or manager, there are tons of facts to support adding video to your website and marketing efforts.

See for yourself, Google the phrase “fastest growing online ad format”. The answer is” Video. The facts related to that growth are staggering.

When you think about it, it’s not that surprising. Online video has always been popular. And with the growth of smart phones and tablets and the ease of creating and sending video content, it makes sense that Web video is the fastest growing marketing tool.

1)  People Retain 58% more with Video

2)  Video is now more searchable

According to Google AdWords, video is now more searchable by search engines. In fact, a video in Google’s index is 53 times more likely to appear on first page search results.

3)  Video has more potential to be shared

4) People are watching 80% more video over text

5)  Video increases the likelihood of purchasing by 64%

6)  Video provides purchasing consumer confidence by 52%

YouTube’s VP, Robert Kyncl predicts that video would soon be 90% of internet traffic. In the not too distant future, Web TV will be a game changer contributing to even more explosive video growth.

So if you have been giving thought on how to grow your business we can help you take your business to the next level!

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Preparing Your Small Business for the Holidays!

support_small_businesses_holidaysOctober has arrived!   For most of us, getting in the last few weeks of grill weather, and trying to remember where we stored the rakes last year.   But if you’re a small business owner it also means it’s time to start planning for the holidays.   Are you ready?   We have found trends & tips that will prepare small business’  for a productive holiday season!

Start Planning Early
If last year’s trends continue, 30% of consumers will actually begin their holiday shopping prior to Halloween.   Which makes now the perfect time to get your holiday and marketing plan in place.

Be Aware of Trends –  Shop Local
Last year there was a rise in “shop local” events across the country, and that trend was confirmed by the consulting firm Deloitte.  Two-thirds of the folks they surveyed plan to shop locally this year, meaning small businesses which are not part of national chains.   The reasons they give are a desire to support the local economy, to find one-of-a-kind gifts, and because it’s of outstanding customer service.

These trends are all in your favor as a small business owner, and by planning ahead now you can take advantage of them.

A Little Marketing Goes A Long Way   A good marketing campaign takes weeks of planning – make sure you give yourself plenty of lead time, since you’re also juggling all of your small businesses’ priorities. Brainstorm new ideas that will grab the attention of new & existing customers.

Take part in Small Business Saturday, November 29, 2014.   Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country.  Personalized marketing materials are available at:

Make sure you have what your customers want.  Spend time talking to customers about what they want.  Remember part of what people want in shopping small businesses is the one-of-a-gifts!

Open your doors at more of the right times.  Extend your hours to more evenings and weekends.  They can’t shop your business if the doors are closed.
Update your website. If you’re going to make changes to your website to marketing around the holidays, plan those out now to make sure they’re executed on time.

Video?  If your site lacks video, you’re passing up a great opportunity to connect with new & existing customers according to Brad Jefferson, CEO of Animoto.  People who view a video online are 64 percent more likely to complete a purchase than other visitors.

Proactive small business owners like you will reap the benefits of preparing for the holiday season early. The hustle and bustle of the holidays is a part of what makes the season so special, but that doesn’t mean your small business has to suffer! Take the time to plan now, so that you can profit later.

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Listing your local business on Google & Yahoo

Online-StorefrontIf you have a local business, the majority of your customers will be in your area, even if you have an Internet storefront.

Google and Yahoo allow you to list your business in their local search feature to increase your visibility to customers using the search engines from your area.

Listing your business in local search is a major step toward increasing Internet and in-person traffic from local customers; it’s also free and requires only minimal time.

Google Places for Business

-Go to Google’s Places for Business page (see Resources).

-Log in using your Google account or create a new account.
Related Reading: How Do I Submit My Business to a Search Engine?

-Enter your business’ phone number when prompted to allow Google to look up your business location and other business information.

-Enter or correct your business’ address, phone number, email, website and description. Specify whether you serve customers at your location or whether you travel to your customers — e.g., home repair. Specify your hours of operation and the forms of payment that you accept. Upload photos and videos to help your customers find your location and to give them a better and more personal idea of your business. Click “Submit” to create your Google Places for Business listing.

Yahoo Local Search

-Navigate to Yahoo Business Listing (see Resources).

-Click the “Sign up” link to begin creating your listing for free.

-Enter your personal contact information and the address, phone number, email and website of your business as well as the primary business category. Click “Continue.”

-Select whether you want a standard or enhanced listing. The enhanced listing allows you to upload additional photos and enter more detailed information and offer online coupons; at the time of publication, this service is priced at $9.95 per month.

-Upload business photos and enter detailed business information when prompted to complete your Yahoo local listing.

Top 3 Trends for Small Business in 2014

Top 3

#1 – Online Video
You might think that something that’s been around forever might be fading away by now. The opposite has happened with video. There are a lot of reasons for this, the continuing growth of video-friendly mobile devises, Google has made video much more search friendly, and the simple fact that video is the most engaging of all media.

You’ve heard the saying, “You can never be too thin or too rich.”
For 2014, add, “or have too much video.”

#2 – Mobile
While everyone has a cell phone, not everyone has a smart phone. And, certainly, not everyone has a tablet. But in 2014 more people will have both. Which is why more businesses will be conforming to a mobile market in 2014. It’s also the reason web designers are experiencing their biggest spike in business since 1997. It is called a responsive web design, which means that the site design will look as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop or laptop. More and more business is being done remotely and virtually requiring more and better mobile devices.

#3 – Social Media
A couple years ago this was the number 1 trend. For a variety of reasons, however, the shine of social media has lost a bit of its luster according to Forbes & USAToday. Social media certainly isn’t going away and it will continue to be an important element of a business marketing plan. In 2014, it just won’t have the lure it’s had in past few years.

WebForU2 has complete media solutions to help your business grow and stay current with trends! We are a locally owned business located in historic downtown Murfreesboro.